How it Works

With TEL-U you gain easy access to more than 100 networks spread across multiple countries. This helps you provide user-friendly experiences through outstanding connectivity reliability. M2M connectivity addresses the challenges of managing multiple carriers that do not share pricing rules or agreement terms.

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Machine-to-Machine solution

Why should I get an M2M solution? The reason is simple. M2M and IoT are changing the world in which we live in. Technology allows us to connect virtually everything to the Internet, and within the next few years, more than 50 billion devices will be connected. With a TEL-U solution, you get the most secure and reliable network provider that enable M2M and IoT app applications and allow people and enterprises to trust in our connected world.

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We have been working with TEL-U for a while. The support we have received has always been excellent and timely. We would recommend TEL-U to any company who needs a reliable M2M provider for their application or M2M device.

Our advantage

Customised Solutions

Tailored plans for Voice, Data, IOT and M2M

Global Coverage

Enjoy multi-network mobile coverage in various continents

Single Global SIM

Sufficient for provisioning IoT services universally

Simplified SIM Management

An engine behind your complete control for your entire SIM portfolio


Provides industry leading support and best quality service worldwide

Notifications And Alarms

Set usage and personalized alerts when thresholds are reached

Our solutions


Don’t struggle to access the data you want to expose, instead unlock it quickly and easily with built-in integration that…


With over 20 global MNO relationships, we take advantage of a range of different levels of connectivity available to all…


Network Based Steering is needful to find the best available and most reliable coverage for your SIM. Our SIMs is the best option , although your connection is lost, you still can access to the other best network coverages available in your location.


TEL-U is master in supplying IoT solutions suitable for usage on a management platform. The range of management services have been carefully devised to support the allocation process, while effectively increasing the short and long term management of any M2M systems under operation.


TEL-U provides the platform that gives you accurate billing experience, fully integrated with your organization’s administrative systems and procedures. Our Billing platform gives you complete usage and financial visibility across your entire subscribed SIM estate.


In SIM cost management terms, ‘bill shock’ where unanticipate excess data is used and billed, we are constantly sending notifications…